with WordPress hosting

$784.94 Yearly Subscription

Generally, within a week of receiving your subscription payment, we set up your self-managed WordPress cloud server that has HTTPS (SSL), 1GB of memory, 10GB of storage, and 10GB of daily data transfer capacity.  These resources are typically suitable to host a small to medium website with hundreds of daily users with images and files optimized for websites (For example, optimized websites typically use compressed images that are less than 100,000 bytes in size.) Maximum file sizes are set to 25MB with a 100MB max size per post.

Faster and more capable servers and advanced multi-server systems are available upon request and for additional fees. Please note that domain name email hosting is not included in this subscription (for example, an email address like is not part of this subscription). We can help customers use third-party email hosting providers (Additional fees apply.)

Support is billed at an additional $125 hourly rate. Paid support includes work to change DNS settings to support external email hosting, custom design work, backup restores, etc.